Sheep Breeding and Rearing

We’ve pulled together some essentials for your sheep breeding and rearing.

The ability to breed and rear good quality livestock is crucial to the livelihood of farmers. Our infra-red heat lamp will warm your sickly or premature lambs and, along with our bulbs, will help keep the newborns warm and secure. We have the Woolie Warmer (as featured on Dragons Den) to revive cold lambs, keeping them secure whilst warming up their body temperature.

We have two sizes of lamb covers that proved very popular last lambing season.

Lamb covers
Protect your lambs against the elements
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For minor cuts and scratches
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Tally Counter
Useful tool for counting stock numbers
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Lamb Reviver Tonic
Ideal in aiding recovery for weak lambs
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Spray Markers
Big value aerosol stock marker
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Infra-Red Heat Bulb
Infra-Red Hard Glass Heat Bulb
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Infra Red Heat Lamp
Eight vents for better cooling and longer bulb lifespan
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Infra Red Economy Heat Bulb
30% more efficient infra-red bulb
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from: £6.66