When did double-tagging come in for cattle?
1st January 1998 

What tags do I need for lambs going to slaughter before they are 12 months old?

This does depend on where about in the UK you are, for England and Scotland animals will require one single electronic tag bearing you flock mark ONLY. If you reside in Wales you can either tag with one single non electronic slaughter tag or one electronic slaughter tag. We always recommend that you contact the place that you sending them to double check what their preference is.

What tags do I require for breeding ewes or animals that are over 12 months of age and have never been tagged?
They would have to be double tagged – one EID and one non-EID these would bear matching numbers e.g UK244220 00001

A ewe that has been born on the holding has lost one/two ear tags – what do I require?
If you know the number that has been lost, you can order a replica tag.  Alternatively you can cut the existing tag out and retag the animal with your next set of double tags.

Again, you can order two replica tags or re-tag with two new tags and cross reference in your records.

If the animal in question was under 12 months and never been double tagged you can retag with a single electronic slaughter tag (England and Scotland) or a single visual slaughter tag (Wales only)

A ewe that wasn’t born on the holding has lost one/two tags – what do I require?
Again, you can order one or two replica tags with the original number.  If both tags have been lost you would need red replacements – these can be EID or non-EID, depending on what they were tagged with originally.

If only one tag is lost you could cut the other tag out and fit red replacements; again they can be EID or non-EID.

A lamb born on my holding has lost its slaughter tag – what do I require?
You can re-tag the lamb with another a single electronic slaughter tag (England and Scotland) or a single visual slaughter tag (Wales only)

A lamb not born on my holding has lots its slaughter tag – what do I require?
You would need to retag it with a red replacement electronic slaughter tag (England and Scotland) or a single Red slaughter tag (Wales only)

What tags are required for pigs going to slaughter?
We recommend the steel tags as they withstand the singeing process – although some places do accept plastic tags (check with where you are taking them first).

Can I upgrade a slaughter animal to full EID?
If the animal is on the holding of birth - you can upgrade to full EID.

If the animal is not on holding of birth - animals can be upgraded only where complete traceability can be demonstrated (every holding the animal has been on from birth must be recorded in the flock record) using red replacement tags.

In Scotland only – any animal tagged with a non-EID tag cannot be upgraded to full EID.  An animal tagged with an electronic slaughter tag can be upgraded to full EID on its first move only, (as long as the full individual identity has been recorded) using red replacement tags.

Why can’t I input the herd mark onto the order?
You don’t need to put UK in front of the herd number as the box will only allow you to input six digits.

Why am I being charged a £15 surcharge on postage?
The website identifies postcodes whereby if a delivery is required to be sent by a courier (due to weight or size) to an island or some parts of Scotland and all of Northern Ireland, then there is a surcharge for this delivery method.  If any order can be sent 1st class we would refund the amount overpaid.

I have an account/direct debit set up with you – why do I have to pay by card?
All web accounts have to be manually changed to Account/direct debit by ticking the box on the user account part of the website admin page. If you have a direct debit set up with us, please call 0845 600 90 70 and one of our sales team will be able to change your online account for you.