Cattle Health

Everyone wants healthy animals and we have a range of vaccinators and drenchers to ensure that medication can be delivered easily - clear graduations ensure accurate dose settings.  We recommend the Masterject that allows you to medicate your cattle from up to 5 feet away, with dose rates from 1ml to 20ml.

If you’ve got a large herd with tails in need of a trim, we can save you time with the Tail Trimmer, its smooth and fast cutting action takes only 3 or 4 seconds to run up the tail and pre-cutting the tail switch isn’t necessary.

Invaluable in cases of calving paralysis are the BOS leg splits.  The splint is left in place for 4-7 days (as required) and can be re-used again and again (with a fresh bandage each time).


Helps deliver vaccinations up close and from a distance
Disposable Syringes
Safely dispose of needles
Useful, A4 Books for recording of essential information
Neem Refill
Protection from insects
Leg Splint BOS
Splints and bandages to keep cows and calves on their feet
Bolus Gun
Prevent internal damage from ingested metal objects