Fearing Colostrum now available
Helps maintain a high health and immune status in newborn calves
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Calf Oral Feeder
Administer directly into the stomach of new borns
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All the calving essentials you need in one box
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Calving jack in use
Hangs onto the cow whether she is standing or goes down
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Cow Hobble Standard
All nylon construction - easily washed after use
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Infra-Red Heat Bulb
Infra-Red Hard Glass Heat Bulb
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from: £4.00
Infra Red Heat Lamp
Eight vents for better cooling and longer bulb lifespan
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Infra Red Economy Heat Bulb
30% more efficient infra-red bulb
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from: £6.66
Infra Red Economy Bulb
Phillips 30% more efficient Infra-red Heat Bulb
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